How long have you been a photographer? When did you start shooting weddings? Photography was pretty much given to me when I was a kid from my father. He is the one that taught me everything from the basic rules of art to videography and photography. Filming and taking pictures was pretty much in the family.. I started shooting weddings here and there for my family members and they’re friends and people started to like them so much that i started a business out of it..

Where are you located? In Austin, Texas. We are available to travel..

Can we meet you in person before we make our decision? Of course! Meeting new people is always a gift.. It better way to get to know one another and answer any question you might have..

What if we’re from out of town and can’t physically meet you? Im available over the phone or even Skype..

What are your prices? Please check out our Price’s, in the Price’s Page

We’re curious, how does the booking process work? Well we both sign a agreement. You get a copy and I get a copy. Also there is a $250 non-refundable deposit so we can book your date..

Can you hold our date for a couple weeks? Im sorry I cannot.. The longest I can hold it is 5 business days but that it..

What forms of payment do you accept? I accept cash, check or money order.

How about bridal sessions? Do you do those? Yes we do for Video and Photography. If you want to find out more information please contact me..

Do you charge travel fees? if it is with in the 3 hour radius of Austin we dont charge. But if it past the recommended radius than we do charge..

I’m getting married out of the country… would you consider doing my wedding? How does that work? I have a current passport and am ready to travel. We would work out the details as far as travel compensation.

How many hours will you be at my wedding taking pictures? Our Packages Cover from 6 hours to 4 hours

How many photos/video will you take at my wedding? Well for video i would cover probably at least 6 hours of footage, and for photos The most I’ve taken is about 1500 photos..

Are “touch-ups” included? Of course! Touch ups are included.I use state of the art editing software from PhotoShop to Lightroom to bring out the true colors of the photo. To make you and your husband look your best!

Do you ever shoot more than one wedding per day? Of course not! That why when you put your deposit down for your date.. That means it your date no one else’s.. I only focus on your wedding day..

Can we have a list of references so we can speak with some of your former clients? Of course! I would proudly email your or hand you a list of my former clients..

How long after the wedding will I get to see my photos or video? Well if it video it might take up to 6 weeks but for photos it can take up to 4 weeks..

Are prints included in the wedding packages? Unfortunately we do not.. I hand you the high resolution of your photos on a hard CD copy. The photos you get will not have my watermark.

We really want our wedding images on disc, do we get that? Yes! All photography packages include the digital images on disc.

Do I get the copyright to my wedding pictures? The photographer retains the “copyright” to all the photos, but you will have the right to print the images, make copies, and share them online.

Fill free to contact me if you have anymore questions!!